Kala Kokua's 2008 Picture Gallery  

Mahalo for allowing Kala Kokua to assist with your 2008 Fundraising Events!

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Mahalo for Your Support!

 Kala Kokua, LLC




Hilina'i Volleyball Club

A big to "Mahalo" to Hilina'i Volleyball Club Director ~ Coach Patcho,  Aunty Carla, Coach Bobby, Coach Bo, Coach Ali'i, parents and players for a successful fundraising event!!! 

Good Luck at the 22nd Annual Las Vegas Classic Tournament and Volleyball Festival in Reno, NV!!!

Hilina'i VBC is a non-profit organization on the Island of Oahu. Our mission is to assist young volleyball players achieve their maximum potential. We are looking for athletes who are passionate about improving their volleyball fundamentals and skills, and also giving maximum effort and committed to team work on and off the court.

Iao School Band Fundraiser ~ Wailuku, Maui

Mahalo to Brooks (Fundraising Coordinator) and the 

Iao School Band members, family and friends for your support!!! 

Good luck to a successful and fun school year!!!

POH Org Day 2008

Mahalo to Amy K. & Ed (Fundraising Coordinators)  for planning this fundraising event  for the 

"POH Org Day 2008"

Special Mahalo to Amy, Glen and Milly for your help!!!

Kaimuki Christian Schools

Thank you Ann Watanabe (Fundraising Chairperson) parents, teachers and the students of 

"Kaimuki Christian School "

Thank you Cody, Carter, Noelle, Cierra and Alyssa for sharing your smiles in our picture!!!


Impact Hawaii Volleyball Club


Mahalo to Coach Shelton (Club Director) and Mia (Fundraising Chairperson) for allowing us to work with you on your successful fundraising event!!!

Many thanks to the supportive parents, coaches and players of the 

"Impact Hawaii Volleyball Club"

""Thank you Jamie, Kiana, Lauren, Hailey, Brandi, Shannon, Asia, Madison and Taylor for working in the Manoa rain!!!

Good Luck and have fun at the 2008 AAU Junior National Volleyball Championships at Orlando, Florida and the HO'OIKAIKA 21st Annual Junior Girls Volleyball Tournament at Waimea, Kauaii


APRIL 5 & 6, 2008
14U & 16U ONLY
(sorry - no 12U nor 18U due to lack of facilities)
Manoa District Park

"Friends of Ira Correa"

A "Special Mahalo" to Cecilia Lum and Joy Yoshimura (Fundraising Coordinator) for your assistance to make this event a huge success!!!

We couldn't have done it without the help of Laura Nomura, Charlotte Ichiyama, Jan Harada-Kato, Lori Bishaw, Noraine Ichikawa and Leimomi Chun.

Thank you to the faculty of the Koko Head Elementary School, families and friends for your support.

Correa & Ichikawa Families, please continue to be strong and take good care of each other!!!

Our true "Hero" is Dara Ichikawa for your  strength and endless love during these challenging times. 

Please remember that all of us will always be here for you and Ira!!!

Nu'u O Samoa i Hawaii


Mahalo to Rosemary (President) & Onte (Vice President/Chairman) for another fun and successful fundraising event!!!

Thank you to all the members and families of Nu'u O Samoa i Hawaii & Amerika USA for your support.

Please visit Paala and Sana (pictured above right)  "KO GRINDS Lunch wagon" (stands for Knock Out Grinds) in Nanakuli First Road. They serve Kala Kokua Smoked Turkey Drumsticks plate lunches!!!

They are open Mon-Friday 6:30 am to about 1:30 pm or till they run out of food!!!

Please feel free to join us:
Nu' O Samoa I Hawaii & Amerika U.S.A
"Alofa Fa'a Samoa FiaFia Festival"
April 13th - 19th, 2008
Keehi Lagoon Park Call 922-5422

Mixed Plate Basketball Club


Good luck to the players of the "Mixed Plate Basketball Club" who will be competing at Anaheim, California in the 

2008 Jets/Jetts Invitational 
Summer Basketball Tournament 

A "BIG" Mahalo to Melanie & Cora (Fundraising Chairpersons) for allowing us to work with you and the Mixed Plate Basketball Club Ohana for a successful fundraising event!!!

Thank you to Kevin, Wyatt, Wade, Amanda, Cori and Nikki for helping us in the Manoa Rain!!!


Roosevelt High School Class of 2008 Project Grad


Mahalo to Leila and Gary (Fundraising Chairpersons) for helping RHS 2008 Project Grad raise funds!!!

Many thanks to the supportive parents and the Seniors for a successful event. Special "Mahalo" to Brenda and David for assisting with our drumstick sale.

2008 Roosevelt High School Graduation

Saturday, May 31, 2008 ~ 6:30pm

Ticky Vasconcellos Stadium

Colors - Red & Gold



Kaimuki Middle School~2nd Annual Family Night Fundraiser

Mahalo to Roger Izuka (pictured top right) and Denis Kawamoto for your support and allowing Kala Kokua, LLC the opportunity to help Kaimuki Middle School raise funds the Computer Lab program!!!

Congratulations on a successful Book Fair & Outback Steakhouse Restaurant Fundraiser.  Mahalo to the students, parents and faculty members of 

Kaimuki Middle School!!!


"Na Keiki Mauloa 10's ~ Volleyball Club"

Mahalo to Lawana and Brandon (Fundraising Chairpersons) and Madison for allowing us to work with

 "Na Keiki Mauloa Girl's 10U Volleyball Team" 

Thank you to Coach Barney Choy (Head Coach and Club President), Parents, Players and everyone who has provided great support for this successful season.

Good luck and have lots of fun at the 2008 AAU Girls' Junior National Volleyball Championships, June 11 - 15, 2008 in Orlando, Florida


Hawaii Kids at Work ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Amy and Lori  (Fundraising Chairpersons) and the supportive parents of the 

"Hawaii Kids at Work" 

It was another successful fundraising event and we are looking forward to our next event!!


East Oahu Boy's & Men's Volleyball Club Fundraising Event

Mahalo to Steve Capone (Club Director) and Sage for allowing us to work with 

"East Oahu Volleyball Club"

Good Luck and we wish you continued success for your exciting club season!!!


"Hula and Chant" Fundraising Event

A big to "Mahalo" to Martin, Kaini, Tahnee and Joanna!!!! 

Please have a safe and memorable performance on your travels to Japan!!!

Ho'okino Volleyball Club

Mahalo to Jonathon, Henry, Robert (Coaches & Fundraising Chairpersons) for allowing us to work with 

"Ho'okino Volleyball Club"

Have a safe and successful time at the  

HO'OIKAIKA 21st Annual Junior Girls Volleyball Tournament 

at Waimea, Kauaii


TAVA 13's Volleyball Club ~ Travel Fundraiser

Mahalo to Paige (Fundraising Chairpersons) and the supportive parents of the 

"TAVA 13's Girl's Volleyball Club"

Thank you to Elle, Paul and Tiara (pictured above) for your help!!!


Farrington High School Boy's Volleyball Team Fundraiser

Congratulations on a successful 

OIA D1 Boy's Volleyball  season!!!

Mahalo to Coach Reagan and the players of the 

"Farrington Governors Boy's Volleyball Team"


Stand By Faith Church of God ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Bishop Fineaso, Onte (Fundraising Chairman) 

and Miles for allowing 

Kala Kokua, LLC to work with the 

"Stand By Faith Church of God" 

Thank you to all members and we look forward to another fun and successful fundraising event that will be coming soon!!!

Hawaii Dog Foundation Fundraiser

Thank you to Kiyoko (President, Hawaii Dog Foundation) and Maria (Vice President) for 

giving us an opportunity to assist you with your fundraising event!!!

Special Mahalo to Jamahl, Kawika, Aaliyah and Maria (pictured above) for your help!!!


Bellows Paintball Team Fundraiser

Mahalo to Lisa and Keith (Island Paintball Sports) and Paul, Cooper and Hayden!!! This was a successful event during the Memorial Day Holiday weekend!!!

Good Luck on your upcoming tournament!!!! 

Our Bellows Air Force Station field is open to the public. 

Please remember to have a current ID, Vehicle Registration and Insurance.


Imi'ike Volleyball Club Fundraiser


Mahalo to Cindy (Fundraising Coordinator) and Coach Kari for your support. Many thanks to the parents, players & supporters of the 

Imi'ike Volleyball Club!!!

Good Luck and have a safe and fun time at the 

2008 Volleyball Festival ~ Reno, Nevada!!!



Nix Performing Arts - Fundraiser

Wow Lyn, we did it!!! This was a very successful fundraiser and we couldn't have done it 

without the support of Grandma Fe, Grandma Marilyn, Cailey, family and good friends!!!

We know Chloe will do well at her 1st Dance Competition 

(Los Angeles, CA)


Maryknoll High School ~ Project Grad 2009


Mahalo to Allyson and Sandra (Fundraising Coordinators) parents & students for 

allowing us to help raise funds for the  

"Maryknoll High School~2009 Project Grad"

Special thanks Richard & Merlene Suzuki for your help and 

Megan Brandon and Alyssa for being in our picture!!!!


HIVA AAU Junior National Tournament ~ Fundraiser

Thank you to Ted Coons (Fundraising Coordinator), players, parents and the 

Coaches of HIVA for giving us an opportunity to assist you with your fundraising event!!!

Good Luck at the 2008 AAU Junior National Volleyball Championships, 

Orlando, Florida 



Onipa'a Volleyball Academy Girls 12U to 16U Fundraiser

Mahalo to Coaches John , Tristan , Ipo, James, Ui and Amber for helping our girls prepare for our Reno Tournament. 

Have fun, lots of good memories and great success at the 

22nd Annual Las Vegas Classic Tournament 

Volleyball Festival (Reno, NV)




REAL Futbol Club U12 96G Fundraiser

Mahalo to Carmela Minaya (Fundraising Coordinator) Parents, 

Players and Coaches of the 

"REAL FUTBOL U12 96G Soccer Club"

Good Luck at the 2008 Albion Cup !!!

(San Diego, CA)


Wahiawa Middle School Robotics Team ~ Fundraiser

Special Thank you to Joshua and Ruvi for allowing Kala Kokua 

to help raise funds for the 

"Wahiawa Middle Robotics Team"

Congratulations on your "1st place" finish at the  

"2008 Hawaii Botball Robotics Regional Championships"

As reported in Midweek Magazine Central Oahu News by Linda Dela Cruz - Wednesday - May 21, 2008

Aiea Warriors 10U Girls Softball Team Fundraiser

Mahalo to Michele (Fundraising Coordinator) and the Parents, 

Players and Coaches of the 

"Aiea Warriors 10U Girl's Softball Team"

AYSO U19 Girls-Na Kamali'i Soccer Team Kona - Fundraiser


Mahalo to Coach Delna Komo, coaches, parents, players and many 

supporters of the  

"Na Kamali'i Girl's U19 Soccer Team" 

USA Volleyball-Aloha Region High Performance Team Fundraiser

Mahalo to Coach Nat and Coach Tommy for allowing 

Kala Kokua, LLC to help raise funds for the 

"Aloha Region High Performance Team" 

Special thanks to Coach Nat, Larry and Debra for 

assisting on pick-up day!!!

2008 USA Volleyball High Performance Championships

Boys & Girls ~ Tucson (Ariz.) on July 23-27, 2008



"Team Hoggan's Heroes" ~ American Cancer Society's  

Magic Island Relay for Life








Mahalo to Sandra and Robert (Team Hoggan's Heroes)!!!

What an awesome event and congratulations for 

surpassing your goals

Thank you and we were honored to be a part of this 

great event

Relay for Life is an excellent way to contribute to the American Cancer Society and the advancements in technology.  People gather at Relay for Life to celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and empower individuals and communities to fight back against this disease.  

It joins people together from all walks of life to raise much needed funds and awareness. Relay is typically held overnight because cancer never sleeps, and this is reflected in Relay with each team having a member on the track at all times. 

The best part is that all monies raised will remain in Hawaii. 

With your help, we can continue to make important advances in the fight against cancer.

    Please visit my site and contribute whatever your comfortable with.        

No donation is ever too small . . . each dollar makes a great difference!


Sam's Wedding Fundraiser

Mahalo to Sam & Kaimana, family and the many friends for your support.

Have a safe and fun trip for this special occasion!!!

Na Hoku Cheer ~ Fundraising Event

Thank you Michele and Ipo (Fundraising Chairpersons) for allowing

Kala Kokua, LLC to assist in your fundraising programs!!!

Special thanks to Cody, Cory, Daria and Ashley for your help!!!

Kaiser Cougars Football Varsity & JV Teams



Mahalo to the Kaiser High School Co-head coaches Bronson and Pat for your support!!!

Thank you to the coaches, parents, and all of the supporters of

Kaiser Cougars Football Varsity and JV Teams.

Good Luck and please have a safe and successful season!!!  

Keahiakahoe Ladies Long Distance Crews


Mahalo to Tammy and Analani and the ladies of the Keahiakahoe Canoe Club


HPD Keys & Whistles 2008

Mahalo to Wendel Chang and the Men and Women of the HPD Reserves.


Windward Nazarene Academy Fall Fundraiser

Mahalo to Debbie Aiwohi (Fundraising Coordinator) and Mrs Hishinuma (Principal) for a successful fundraising event. Special thanks to Mr. Hishinuma, Kellie and Melia for helping with this event.


Ehime Hawaii Youth Baseball Exchange Program

Mahalo to Denise (Fundraising Coordinator) and the players, parents and Coaches of the Ehime Hawaii Youth Baseball Team. Good luck and please have a safe and memorable tournament in Japan!!!

Moanalua High School and Na Hoku Cheer

Mahalo to Ipo and Michele (Fundraising Coordinators) for a successful event. 

Thank you to the parents and coaches of the 

Na Hoku Cheer and Moanalua High Cheer!!!

Onipa'a Volleyball Academy

Much Mahalo’s to Coach George Ehia (Club Director), Auntie Nettie, and the Coaches, Parents and players of the Onipa’a Volleyball Club (OVA).

 Special thanks to Grandma Ehia and Tihani for helping with this event!!!

James B. Castle High School ~ HOSA Club

Mahalo to Shawn Char (HOSA Advisor), Ferlino (President), Enaj (Vice President), Veronica (Vice President), Skye (Corresponding Secretary), Cullen (Recording Secretary), Larissa (Treasurer) and the parents and volunteers who help support Castle High School HOSA.

GABBYZ Baseball Club Fundraiser

Mahalo to Wilette (Fundraising Chairperson) and the Coaches and parents for a 

very successful event!!! Thank you Tyra and Serena for being great helpers!!!

Aiea High School Project Grad

Mahalo Emileen Alejo (Fundraising Coordinator) and the 

 Aiea Project Graduation~Parents, Students and Faculty 

for your support!!!

Moanalua Middle School Orchestra Booster Club

Thank you to Akeyo Garcia (Fundraising Coordinator), Charlene and the Moanalua Middle School Orchestra's Parents, Teachers and Students!!!
[Moanalua-MS Top Header Logo]

Kaimuki Middle School Fundraiser

Mahalo to Roger Izuka (Fundraising Coordinator) and the 

parents, students and teachers of the 

Kaimuki Middle School

Roger’s Ono Portuguese Smoked Drumstick Bean Soup tasted delicious 

on a cold and raining day!!!

Congratulations on your 2009 Hawaii Blue Ribbon Schools award!!!  

"Farmer Roger"

"Thank you for supporting Kaimuki Middle School’s Kala Kokua’s Smoked Drumstick and 

Aloun Farms Fresh Corn Fundraising Event”  

Moanalua Elementary School ~ Fun Fair 2008.

Mahalo to Sandra, Allison and Al for your help with the 

Moanalua Elementary School Fun Fair 2008.

Highland Colts Football and Cheer Association

Mahalo to Leah (Fundraising Coordinator), Debra, Tammy and Arlene for your help!!!

Special thanks to the Coaches, players, cheerleaders, parents and supporters of the 

Highland Colts Football and Cheer Teams.

Manoa BOOM Basketball 

Mahalo to Coach Krystl for allowing Kala Kokua, LLC to assist with the 

Manoa BOOM Boy's Basketball Team fundraiser!!!

Farrington Boys Varsity Basketball Team 

Mahalo to Coach Allan and Coach Rocky and the parents and players of the 

Farrington High School Boy’s Varsity Basketball team.

Welcome to Farrington High School, Home of the Governors.


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