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Mahalo for allowing Kala Kokua to assist with your 2009 Fundraising Events!

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Mahalo for Your Support!

 Kala Kokua, LLC



Mahalo and Congratulations to the following 2009 organizations !!!

2009 Kala Kokua,LLC Fundraising Events


Na Opio Singers and Ensemble (Kamehameha Middle School) 

Mahalo to Pua (Fundraising Coordinator), Janai , Coco, the parents and students of the  

Na Opio Singers and Ensemble (Kamehameha Middle School)!!!

Good luck on your performances in Japan!!!

Hawaii Baptist Academy Athletic Booster Club Fundraiser


Mahalo to Leighton and Sandy and HBA Athletic Booster Club, Parents, Teachers and Student Athletes!!!

Congratulations on a successful year!!!



IMPACT Hawaii Volleyball Club Fundraiser

Mahalo  to Coach Shelton (Club Director) Coaches,, Parents and the Players of 

IMPACT Hawaii Volleyball Club!!!

Good Luck in the Las Vegas Tournament!!!



King Kekaulike High School Varsity Boys Baseball

Mahalo to Coach Mark and Carol (Fundraising Coordinator) and the Parents and Players of the 


King Kekaulike High School Varsity Boys Baseball!!!


Have a safe and successful season!!!


King Kekaulike High School (KKHS) Boys Basketball (JV & Varsity)


Mahalo to Coach Mike and Janelle (Fundraising Coordinator) and the Parents and Players of the  

King Kekaulike High School (KKHS) Boys Basketball 

(JV & Varsity)

Good Luck on a successful season!!!

50th State Pitbull Union Fundraiser

Mahalo to Sharilyn (Fundraising Coordinator), Members and Supporters of the 

50th State Pit Bull Union!!!!

Lokahi Softball Fundraiser

Mahalo to Head Coach Sandra and Coach Lois (Fundraising Coordinator) for allowing Kala Kokua, LLC to assist in your fundraising event. Mahalo to the Parents, players and supporters of the

Lokahi Softball Team!!!

Hilina'i Volleyball Club Fundraiser


Mahalo to Coach Patcho (Club Director) and Auntie Carla

(Fundraiser Coordinator) for organizing this successful event.

 Good Luck at the 2009 52nd Annual Haili Volleyball Tournament!!!  


Mahalo to Leigh (Fundraising Coordinator), Coach George, Shayla and the parents, players and supporters of the

BLITZ FUTBOL (Attitude GU-10) Soccer Team. 

Good luck to a successful season!!!!

Hawaiian Crusaders Baseball Team

Mahalo to Marilyn (Team Mom), Joleen (Fundraising Coordinator) and 

Coach Roy for allowing Kala Kokua, LLC to assist with the 

Hawaiian Crusaders Baseball Team!!!

Good Luck to a safe and successful trip to South Carolina ( Myrtle Beach

for the Cal Ripken Experience Tournament in August 2009

Halau Hula O Napunaheleonapua FUNDRAISER

Mahalo to Lianne Ching (Fundraising Coordinator) & the Ching Family, the Halau members, Parents and Supporters of 

Halau Hula O Napunaheleonapua!!!

Farrington High School Class of 1980 Reunion

Mahalo to Brad Ching (Fundraising Coordinator) and the Alumni of the 

Farrington High School, Class of 1980!!!

Have a memorable 30th Class Reunion

Ka'oi Soccer Club Express

Much Mahalo to Marilene, George and Pili and the Parents, Players and Supporters of the 

Ka'oi Soccer Club Express

Good Luck at your California Soccer Tournament!!!

Imi'Ike Volleyball Club

Mahalo to Tammie (Fundraiser Coordinator), and the Coaches, Parents & Players of the 

Imi'ike Volleyball Club!!!

Tammie wanted to recognize and thank our volunteers that come out to help with pick up from 0800 till 1115: Cheryl Black (Moani -16's), Kerilynn Paakaula (Haley - 15's), and DeeDee Watanabe (Sara - 14's). Thank you very much for coming out today, I couldn't have done it without you all!!!

Congratulations on qualifying for the Junior Olympics Tournament!!!


Ho'okino Volleyball Club Fundraiser

Mahalo to Coach Jon for coordinating this successful and 

Coach Henry, Coach Rob, All parents and players of the 

Hookino Volleyball Club

Good Luck at the Kauai Tournament!!!

Leihoku Elementary School ~ Destination D.C. Fundraiser

Mahalo to Tiare (Fundraising Coordinator & Grade 5 Teacher ~ Destination D.C.) 

and the parents, students and faculty of 

Leihoku Elementary School's ~ Destination D.C.

Thank you for the 2 years of fundraising for this exciting and educational event!!!

Victorious Living After Broken Relationships Conference (New Hope)


Mahalo to Yoko (Fundraising Coordinator), Maria, Psye and Church Members for you support. Please join us for our 

"Victorious Living After Broken Relationships" Conference.

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel ~ HH&LA Charity Walk Fundraiser

Mahalo to Clyde Takayama, Deanna Ishihara and the Engineers of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel ~ Engineering Department for a successful fundraising event for the HH&LA Charity Walk!!!

Congratulations on your successful Grand Opening!!!

Halau Na Mamo O Tulipa

Mahalo to Roxanne, Kumu Hula, and all the members and family of 

Hula Halau Na Mamo O Tulipa

Hawaii Young Warriors Football Association

Mahalo to Heather (Fundraising Coordinator),  Coach Jake, all of the coaches, players and families of 

Hawaii Young Warriors Football Team
"Good luck to a safe and successful season!!!"

Word of Life ~ EMERGE 09 Conference

Mahalo to Coreen (Fundraising Coordinator) and Freddie (EMERGE 09 Conference  Coordinator) and the many Members of 

Word of Life for your support!!!

Waipahu High School Class of '89 ~ 20th Reunion

Mahalo to Krissie (Fundraising Coordinator) and Josie (Co Chair) for planning a successful event!!! 

Thank you also to Noelle, Ricky and Michael 

for helping to set-up the pick up site and the members of the 

Waipahu High School, Class of 89!!!

Have fun and great memories at your upcoming Reunion in Las Vegas!!!


"Friends of Geoff"

Mahalo to Geoff and the Brown Ohana!!! 

Thank you to the many family and friends for your support, which is truly appreciated!!!

Special thanks to Natalie, Kellie, Koa and Tasha 

for your help on the day of our event!!!

TNT Tattoo and Body Piercing Oahu Hawaii - Come Visit us in Paradise!!

& Body Piercing

99-016 Kamehameha Hwy., Aiea, Hawaii 96701
(808) 486-4868  (486-4TNT)

Color tattoos, tribal tattoos, Hawaiian tattoos, custom tattoos, black and gray tattoos, cover-up tattoos and more...Come visit us in Hawaii!!



Highland Colts Football & Cheer Ohana

Mahalo To Leah, Deb, Anita and  Arlene for organizing this successful event!!! Thank you to the Coaches, Parents, Players,  Cheerleaders and the many family and friends of the

Highland Colts Football and Cheer Ohana

Good luck and please have a safe and successful season!!!

Hoggan's Heroes ~ American Cancer Society, Relay for Life

Mahalo to Sandra, Robert, Cheyanne, Brianne & Grandma and Grandpa!!! 

Special thanks to members of Hoggan Heroes Team #1, Team #2 and Team #3 

for your support.


Relay For Life

Waianae Football Coaching Staff Fundraiser

Mahalo to Coach Ivan, Myra, Leejan and Leeza for your time and energy to help raise funds for the Waianae Football Coaching Staff!!!

Good Luck to a successful season!!!

Pac 5 Intermediate Football Team Fundraiser

Mahalo to the parents, players and Coaches of the Pac 5 Intermediate Football Team.

Special thanks to Natalie (Fundraising Coordinator), Coach Keola, Natashya, Pookela, Michelle, Kellie, Koalii and Lianne for helping to set up and distribute the 

Smoked Drumsticks and Kalua Pork!!!

Please have a safe and successful season!!!

50th State Pitbull Union ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo Sharilyn (Fundraising Coordinator) and  family and all the members of 50th State Pitbull Union!!!

Waianae Tigers Football ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Chris (President) and Tisha (Fundraising Coordinator) for allowing Kala Kokua, LLC to assist with the 

Waianae Tigers Football Fundraising event!!!

Please have a safe and successful season!!!

American Legion Post 17 in Conjunction with the 

Sons of the American Legion ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Ivan Lee (Fundraising Coordinator) and Chris, Richard, Leejan and Leeza for your help on the day of our event!!!

Pearl City High School Band ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Chris (Band Director)  &  Fundraising Coordinators Kirk Bailey and Joy Takara for your efforts that had resulted in a 

very successful fundraising event!!! 

Thank you all of the band members, and their families and especially to the Pearl City community for their support.

Pearl City High School Band


"Hodokan Judo Club/Manoa Aikido"

Mahalo to Kristy (Fundraising Coordinator) and all of the members and families of the 

Hodokan Judo Club & Manoa Aikido

Thank you to Manoa Aikido Club for helping unload and assist in the distribution of our Drumsticks!!!


Na Hoku Cheer 2010 ~ Fundraiser

Moanalua High School Cheer ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Ipo (Na Hoku Cheer 2010~Coordinator) and 

Brian (Moanalua HS Cheer~Coordinator) for allowing Kala Kokua, LLC 

to assist in your fundraising events. 

Thank you to Cody, Renesha, Scott and Cory for your awesome sales!!!

We look forward to working with you again!!!!

Nix Pac ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Lyn (Fundraising Coordinator) for organizing this event with your very busy schedule!!

Thank you to Christian, Madeline, Angelica, Lyn, Chloe, Raylyn, Dexter, Deijah, Cris, Taylor, Hilda, Audrey, Randy, Rissalyn, Risse, 

Mya, Kya and Mia for your help on the day of our event!!!

Good Luck at your 2010 Dance Competition in California!!!


Benefit Fundraiser for Paco Silva

Special thanks to Pat and Family and Friends of Paco Silva. 

God Bless Paco!!!

Roosevelt High School Girls Volleyball ~ Fundraiser

Theodore Roosevelt High School

Mahalo to All coaches, parents and players of RHS girl's volleyball, for making a successful fundraising event.


"Pack Wrestling Club" Fundraiser

Mahalo to David Terao (Team Captain & Fundraising Coordinator) and

Lindy and Debra Terao for your guidance in developing a great leader!!!

Special Mahalo to the Men of Pack Wrestling ~ David, Josh, Cal, Jinsei, Dane, Sean, Cassidy and Brandon for your help!!!

Thank you to Regan Fujii for allowing Kala Kokua, LLC the opportunity to

meet our future All~American Wrestlers!!!

Waianae Tigers Football ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Tisha (Fundraising Coordinator), Chris (President) and the parents, coaches and players of the Waianae Tigers Football Teams for 

another successful fundraising event!!!

Johnson 'Ohana Fundraiser

Mahalo to Natalie Aiwohi-Brown (Fundraising Coordinator), Ronny, Rusty, Barry, Koa, Mila, Helms and Kellie for your efforts in raising funds for the

 Johnson 'Ohana Family Reunion!!!

O'ahu Pa'u Unit Fundraiser

Mahalo to Maraia (Fundraising Coordinator) and to Aunty Josephine (Princess), Uncle Gil (Coordinator), 

Uncle Billy & Aunty Annette (Horse Handlers) and the 

O'ahu Pa'u Unit Ohana!!!

Windward Nazarene Academy Fundraiser


Mahalo to Debbie Aiwohi (Fundraising Coordinator), Sherry Serano, Anela Arquinez, Jon Lola, Lori Biachin, Kay and Clyde Hishinuma, Russel Yamanoha, Ann Wee, Dana Okada, Jeannie Hughes and the 

parents, students and faculty of the 

Windward Nazarene Academy

Kahalu'u He'eia Broncos Junior Peewee Football Fundraiser

Mahalo to Butterball (Fundraising Coordinator), Kellie, Coach Butch

and the players of the

Kahalu'u He'eia Broncos Junior Pee Wee Football Team!!!

Kaho'onei Ohana Reunion Fundraiser

Mahalo to Crystal (Fundraising Coordinator), Bernie, Dolum, Ulu, Julia

and the Kahoonei Ohana for a successful event!!!

Katana Baseball Team ~ Fundraiser

Special Mahalo to Lisa Okinaka (Fundraising Coordinator), Coach John Okinaka, 

Coach Kimo Lincoln, Coach Ronald Young, Coach Derek Tengan!!!

Mahalo to Trevin Tengan, Chance Uyeoka and Lonn Okinaka for your help!!!

Good Luck to the players of the Katana Baseball Team at the 

2010 Cooperstown Baseball World National Tournament!!!

  Kea'au Cougars Athletic Boosters/Football Team ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo for a successful fundraising event on the Big Island!!!

Good luck to a safe and successful season!!!

2009 Ma'ema'e Elementary School Fundraiser

Mahalo to Yvette Lee (Fundraising Coordinator) and Parents, Students and Faculty of the 

Ma'ema'e Elementary School

Radford High School Cheerleading National ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Holley (Fundraising Coordinator), Sharon and members of the Radford High School Cheerleaders for a successful fundraising event!!!

Good Luck at the Cheerleading Nationals!!!

John R. Rowe, American Legion Post 17 ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Chuck Patterson & Ivan Lee (Fundraising Coordinators) and to Michelle and Commander Mike for allowing Kala Kokua, LLC to assist in your fundraising event.

Special thank you to the supporters of the 

John R. Rowe American Legion Post 17!!!


Cheer 808 Nationals ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Cathy and Holley (Fundraiser Coordinators) and the member, families and supporters of 

Cheer 808 Hawaii

"Good luck at the Nationals"

Midget Division Football ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Shanell (Fundraising Coordinator), Coach Ivan and the players and supporters of the Midget Division Football Team!!!

New Hope Leeward Philippines Mission 2010 ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Maly (Fundraising Coordinator) and the members of 

New Hope Leeward, Philippines Mission 2010

Hawaii Kai Pop Warner Jr. Pee Wees ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Jennifer (Fundraising Coordinator) and Coach David, Reece and Shaun for your help!!!

Thank you to the players, coaches, parents and supporters of the

Hawaii Kai Pop Warner Jr. Pee Wee Team

Webling Elementary School 4th Grade ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Val Nakamura (Fundraising Coordinator) and the teachers, parents, students and staff of Webling Elementary School!!!

Thank you Val and Sterling for being in our picture!!!!

Highland Colts Football & Cheer Ohana ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Leah Cui (Fundraising Coordinator) and Debbie, coaches, parents, players and supporters for a successful event!!!

Good Luck to the Highland Colts Football & Cheer Ohana!!!

Kaimuki Middle School ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Roger Izuka (Fundraising Coordinator) and the parents, students and faculty of

Kaimuki Middle School!!!

E Hoa Aloha ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Virginia (Fundraising Coordinator), Victoria, Kathleen, Shelley, Jerrae, Mehealani, Leslie and Rozanne for allowing Kala Kokua the opportunity to assist the Ladies of E Hoa Aloha!!!

NIXPAC ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Fely Ramos (Fundraising Coordinator) and Chanelle Ramos!!! 

Good Luck in your dance competition in Las Vegas in July 2010!!!

Moanalua Elementary School Fun Fair 2009 ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Robert and Sandra Hoggan (Fundraising Coordinators) and the parents, students, faculty and supporters of the

Moanalua Elementary School Fun Fair 2009!!!!

Kaiser High School Close-Up ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Kela (Fundraising Coordinator) and the Students and Parents of the          Kaiser High School ~ AP U.S. History Class 

Washington D.C. ~ Close up Program!!!

Please have a safe and memorable trip!!!

Lutheran High School Project Grad 2010 ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Val (Fundraising Coordinator), Bill and all of the Teachers and Parents of the Lutheran High School Project Grad 2010!!!

808 Dragons Baseball Club ~ Fundraiser

Mahalo to Wilette (Fundraising Coordinator) and Colette for organizing this successful event!!!

Thank you to the Coaches, Parents, Players and supporters of the 

808 Dragons Baseball Club


Mahalo for allowing Kala Kokua, LLC to assist with your 

2009 Fundraising Events 

Hilo Hatties Christmas Fundraiser

Roosevelt High School 2009 Project Grad

Kaiser High School Girl's Volleyball Fundraiser

Kawananakoa Middle School Japan Exchange Program

First Insurance AUW Fundraiser


Kamana, Pomaikai & Keaau Senior Center-Hilo, HI

Hilo Intermediate School ~ Fundraising Event

Lanai High Class of 2009 and Elementary Schools (LHES)   Lanai 

Chiefess Kamakahele Middle School ~ Media Production Class - Kauai

Logo   Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School

REAL RUSH 2000 Girl's Soccer Team

Knights of Columbus, Council 14105 ~ Turkey Legs Thanksgiving Fundraising 

(Proceeds will be shared by KC Treasury & St. Anthony School Endowment & Scholarship Fund)

 Webling Elementary School ~ Grade 4 Overnighter Fundraiser

Darts R Us Medalist Dart Leagues ~ Fundraiser


Friends of Rodeo ~ Fundraiser

St. John the Baptist Catholic School Family Fair

Kawananakoa Middle School ~ Japan Exchange Program Fundraiser

National United States Teen & Jr. Teen Pageant Finalists

Kalihi YMCA Ho'okupa'a Teen Leadership Fundraiser

Moanalua High School Girl's Volleyball Fundraiser

Boys Scouts of America ~ Troop #90 (Hilo, Big Island)

VIGAN Association of Hawaii ~ Fundraising Event

Friends Of Roosevelt Project Grad

2008 Moanalua High School Winter Craft Fair

Halau O Ka Ua Kani Lehua (Hilo, Hawaii) Drumsticks

Mo Min Kuen Martial Arts Academy (Hilo, HI)

Lahaina Intermediate School (Maui, HI)

Mililani Middle School High Interest Program Music Department

2009 Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii "Taste of Hongwanji Bazaar"

2009 Pahoa High & Intermediate School May Day 2009 (Hilo, HI)

2009 Po'okela Volleyball Club Fundraiser - (Kauai, HI)

PVC Logo

2009 ~ HOOPS A/C Basketball Club

2009~ Maunalani Girls Volleyball Club

Windward Nazarene Academy's

"2009 May Day Program"

Leihoku Elementary ~ Destination D.C.

Kulani Dance Studio Fundraiser

Kulani Dance Studio

Kamehameha Schools Hawai’i Parent Teacher Ohana 

(Big Island, Hawaii Island Campus)

Ho'oikaika Volleyball Club (Kauai, Hawaii)

Honokohau Spirit Soccer Club (Kona, Hawaii)

Pearl City Pirates Baseball Team

Lanakila AC (Lanakila Bears) Baseball Team

Onipa'a Volleyball Club - 2009 Junior Olympics Fundraiser

Nanakuli Family Soccer ~ Fundraiser

Waianae High School Class of 99 Reunion ~ Fundraiser

Showtime Girls Basketball Fundraiser Hilo, Hawaii

Special Olympics Hawaii ~ Fundraiser

Mahu-Limanui Ohana Fundraiser

Boys Scouts of America Troop 90 Fundraiser - Hilo, HI

Kea'au Cougars Athletic Boosters/Football Team Fundraiser, Kea'au, HI

Halau Na Mamo O Tulipa Fundraiser

Kauai High School Class of 1999 ~ Fundraiser

Waianae Football Players ~ Fundraiser

PHNSY & IMF Shop 26 ~ Fundraiser

Waimea Wahine Volleyball ~ Fundraiser (Kauai)

"Friends of Kaiser Girl's Volleyball" ~ Fundraiser

Kamana, Pomaikai & Kea’au Senior Center (Hilo, HI)  

Kealaokamalamalama Church Bazaar

Emalani Choir Fundraiser

Washington DC Excursion Fundraiser

Pahoa High Varsity Volleyball Fundraiser (Hilo)

People to People Ambassador Program ~ Fundraiser (Kauai)

Ohana Fundraiser, Waianae, HI

Leihoku Elementary "Media Club LA Trip" ~ Fundraiser

(Mahalo to Lori Simbahon, Fundraising Coordinator and to Velina Bactad-Paulino and Family)

Mililani High School Bandfest ~ Fundraiser

Honolulu Waldorf School "Waldorfaire 2009" ~ Fundraiser

50th State Pitbull Union ~ Fundraiser

Family and Friends of Tori Ann Yamaguchi ~ Fundraiser

Peter's Leg Up ~  Fundraiser (Pahoa, HI-Big Island)

"Christmas on the Ave Craft Fair"

"Jourdan-Marie Mills" Merrie Monarch ~ Fundraiser

I MUA Athletics ~ Fundraiser


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