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Mahalo from Kala Kokua!  We Hope You Enjoy the Photo Galleries Below!

 Kala Kokua, LLC



Kala Kokua LLC. 2011 Events
6th Year and Offering 6 Products!!!!

Kala Kokua brings "NEW" Products to the plate and YES...Turkey Drumsticks are back by Popular Demand!  We created a Pau Hana Pack and are also offering Pork Pasteles!  Our goal this year is to seek out non-meat products for our veggie friends so stay tuned!  We truly are grateful to be blessed with and assist our new fundraising groups who have joined the Kala Kokua Ohana as well as our return Kala Kokua Ohana which is much like a reunion for us.  We are so rewarded with each smile and knowing that we have worked together to help make your dreams come true! 

Kala Kokua 2011 Photo Gallery

Kala Kokua LLC. 2010 Events

This year Kala Kokua is proud to add (2) NEW PRODUCTS:  Boneless Teriyaki Chicken & Redondo's ONO Portuguese Sausage!  Again we are so very grateful for making it this far!  Bigger & Better things are coming!!!!!!  In this album you'll meet new and old friends.  In late September we finally joined Facebook!  The year is not over yet, so be sure to return back...we'll be posting events, photo's and updates to share everyone's successes!

Kala Kokua 2010 Photo Gallery

Kala Kokua LLC. 2009 Events
With no advertizing "Only Word of Mouth" 2009 has grown into our best year yet!  We are truly honored to be able to help make dreams come true for the many organizations in dire need of fundraising!  We hope you can spare some time to scroll through the photo galleries and see all the happy smiley faces!

Kala Kokua 2009 Photo Gallery

Kala Kokua LLC. 2008 Events
In our 3rd Year,  2008 Kala Kokua introduced a NEW PRODUCT which was and still is well received by many Fundraising Events!  Kalua Pork!  Whoo Hoo!

Kala Kokua 2008 Photo Gallery

Kala Kokua LLC. 2007 Events
Wow, last year was a successful one. In 2007 Kala Kokua rolled into it's 2nd year with a bang!!! This album is currently under construction mostly with just photo's from last years fundraising events. Details are in progress. In the meantime...Enjoy the pics!

Kala Kokua 2007 Photo Gallery

Kala Kokua LLC. 2006 Events
Working Together To Make Dreams Come True! 2007 Launched our 1st year in business. We appreciate everyone who chose Kala Kokua LLC. for their fundraising events. The simple ease of it all is that really only 3-4 people max is needed on distribution day but as you will see the larger groups that came out in full force to support each event made the best out of it. There's not much work to do at all so as the saying goes, the more the merrier you can clearly see how their smiley faces show that they really just had time to bond with little work which means more time to play!!!

Kala Kokua 2006 Photo Gallery


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