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Kala Kokua 2007 Picture Gallery


Mahalo for allowing 

Kala Kokua LLC.

to Help Make Your Dreams Come True!!!


Pakela Volleyball Club


Mahalo to Lyanne, Shauna, Edie and the women of Pakela Volleyball Club.  

Good luck on a successful season!!!

Leilehua High School Project Graduation

Mahalo Joey (2nd from the right), parents and 

Leilehua Senior Class of 2007!!!

Saint Francis Girl's Basketball Teams

Mahalo to Coach John, Coach Paul, Parents and Women of the St. Francis Basketball Teams.   

We wish all of you a safe and successful season!!!

GO Troubadours!!!!

Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus (KSCC)

Janelle, Janine, Timbo, Cristy & (Lynell Bright - KSCC Director)

Mahalo to The Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus & Families!  

Have A Safe & Wonderful New Zealand Trip!!!

Kaimuki Christian School

Mahalo to Kaimuki Christian School, Colin and Celise, (Noelle & Cierra) for your support.  Thank you to the many parents, students, family and friends who participated in this successful fundraising event.

Kapalama School Choir

Mahalo to Karen, Cody and Mary (pictured above) for allowing us to work with the Kapalama School’s Choir to help raise funds for your music program.

HI INTENSITY Volleyball Club

Mahalo to HI Intensity Volleyball Club and to Coach Kahala (Club Director), Calvin, 

Tifany, Brandy and Coach Janeen for your support.  


='Onipa'a Volleyball Academy

Mahalo to OVA Club Director, Coach George, Boys 16's Coach John, Onipa'a Girls Coaches Patcho, Bo, Bobby & Aunty Carla, James and Coach Ali'i. Thank you parents, players and everyone who supported Onipa'a Volleyball Academy's fundraising events!!! 

Good luck to a successful season!!!

Asics Rainbow's Volleyball Team


Mahalo to parents and players of the ASICS Rainbows Volleyball Club for your support. (Pictured above left: Kevin~Fundraising Chairperson). 

We look forward to working with you soon!!!

Asics Rainbow's Girls (13U) Volleyball Team


Mahalo to parents and players of the ASICS Rainbows Girls 13 Volleyball Club. 

Special thanks to Todd and Sheri  for your detailed planning of the fundraising events for this exciting season!!! 

Good luck in 2007 No Dinx Far Western National Qualifiers at Reno!!!


IMPACT Hawaii Volleyball

Mahalo to Coach Shelton, Mia (Fundraising Chairperson), Youth Coaches, Players and Parents for your support on this very successful fundraising event!!!


Las Vegas Basketball Tournament Fundraiser

12U & 14U Hawaii Southside Basketball Teams

 16U Hale Aikane Basketball Team

Mahalo to Coach Mike , Coach Mongy, Serena and the Parents and Players of the

 Southside 12U & 14U Basketball Teams and Hale Aikane 16U Basketball Team.

Good Luck in the Las Vegas Basketball Tournament!!!


Leilehua High School Band

Mahalo to the Leilehua High School Band in the heart of Oahu! 

Each of you are appreciated for the positive energy you bring forth and for making your fundraising event a successful one.  

Go Mighty Mules!!! 


Kahala Warriors Baseball Club

Mahalo to the Coaches, Parents, Players and especially Carole, Justyn and Jarryn for working with us to help raise funds for the Kahala Warriors Baseball Club!!! 


Maui Taiko 2008 Japan Aloha Tour

Pictures coming soon!!!


Our Redeemer Lutheran Pre-School

Mahalo to the parents, faculty and supporters of the Our Redeemer Pre-School. 

Special thanks to Ms. Mahe, Ms. Ruth and Happy Birthday wishes to Ms. Aspe!!! 


Aiea Warriors 8U/10U Girl's Softball Team

Mahalo to the coaches, parents and players of the Aiea Warriors Girls 8U/10U Softball Team. 

Special thanks to Clayreen, Brian & Alan who helped make this fundraising event a success!!!


Manana Elementary School 6th Grade Class

Mahalo to Manana Elementary School 6th Grade Class!!! 

Thank you to Patti (Fundraising Coordinator), Michelle and Christopher for  your help in distribution and planning this fun event!!!


Leahi 92 Girls Soccer Team

Mahalo to the Coaches, Parents and Players of the Leahi 92 Girls Soccer Team!!!

Thank you Haunani (Fundraising Coordinator) for organizing this successful event and Kathy, Katherine , Kate and Taylor  for your huge smiles and friendly service!!!


Kamehameha Schools Math Team

Mahalo to the Parents and Members of the Kamehameha Schools Math Team!!!

Thank you Lance and Calvin (Fundraising Coordinators) for organizing this successful and fun event!!! We always look forward to working with the students at Kamehameha Schools as they are always energetic and have so much fun hanging out with each other!!!


Saint Francis School "Ohana Fair 2007"

Mahalo to the Parents, Faculty and Students of Saint Francis School for all of your hard work to make the Ohana Fair 2007 a huge success!!!

Thank you Joanie, Linda and Lawrence for coordinating and preparing the 

"Hot" Smoked Turkey Drumsticks!!!

We had a fun day enjoying the fun rides & games,  ono food and great deals at the 

"Ohana Fair 2007"


Hawaii Kids at Work

Thank you Amy and Lori  for planning this successful fundraising event for the 

Hawaii Kids at Work organization. 

We look forward to working with you again in the near future!!!

Maunalani Girls 12U Volleyball Club

Mahalo to the Coaches, Parents and Players of the Maunalani Girls 12U Volleyball Club!!! 

Thank you Kellie (Fundraising Coordinator) for organizing this fun event and thank you for always being happy and cheerful!!! Thank you Jeff and Tashya for your help.

  Good luck and have fun at the Reno Volleyball Festival!!!

International Executive Housekeeper Association (Hawaii Chapter)

Mahalo to the International Executive Housekeepers Association Hawaii Chapter members!!! 

Thank you Gary Nushida ~ President, IEHA Hawaii Chapter (center of picture) for your support and excellent organizational skills to make this a very successful fundraising event.

Word of Life Academy ~ Project Grad'07 & Senior Cruise

Mahalo Lynn (Fundraising Coordinator) for giving us the opportunity to help raise funds for the Word of Life Academy ~ Project Grad'07 & Senior Cruise!!!

Thank you to Dylan, Naomi and Earl-Lynn for your help on Sunday morning!!!

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!!!

North Shore AYSO U16 Girls Soccer Team

Mahalo Shanee (Fundraising Coordinator) for giving us the opportunity to help raise funds for the North Shore Wahine U16-19 Girls Soccer Team!!!

Good luck in the Mission Viejo Classic (June 9th and 10th 2007) 

Congratulations on your 2nd Place Finish!!!

North Shore Wahine U16-19 Girls Soccer Team

Ashley, Mana, Kanani, Hoku, Miki, Robyn, Tiffani, Bobbi-Jean, Ani, Tehani, Kyla, Jessie, Brittany, Coach Tim, Coach Diane & Coach Conrad

Saber's Summer League 2007 "Volleyball & Basketball" 

Mahalo Coach Shane (Fundraising Coordinator) for  allowing us to work with you and the Saber's Summer League!!! 

Thank you to Tuli, Kaleo, Dino, Kiana, Ama for your help and have a safe and fun season!!!

Kuhio's Lion Club ~ Ewa Hongwanji Bon Dance

Pictures coming soon!!!


Drill Team Hawaii Booster Club

Mahalo to Jan (Fundraising Coordinator) for  allowing us to work with Drill Team Hawaii's Booster Club!!! The event was well organized and it was nice to see so many cars supporting your Car Wash event too!!! 

Thank you Renee, Buddy, Brooke, Leighan, Kristi and Chelsey for your help!!!

Mililani PONY Bronco 11 & 12 All Star "A" Baseball Team

Mahalo to Kristin (Fundraising Coordinator) for  allowing us to work with the 

Mililani PONY Bronco 11 & 12 All Star "A" Baseball Team!!!

Thank you Coach Dwayn, Frank, Cristian, Al, Kris, Reese, Drake and Doug for your help!!!

Good luck in the 2007 PONY State Baseball Tournament 

on the Island of Kauai!!!

Hawaii Select Girl's Basketball Team

Pictures coming soon!!

Pukana O Ke Kai Canoe Club  

Mahalo to Vohn (Fundraising Coordinator) for  allowing us to work with the 

Pukana O Ke Kai Canoe Club!!!

Thank you to Tracey, Skyler, Kim, Adel, Allison and Aaron for your help!!!

Na Mea Hula Ho'onani Ke Akua

New Hope Hawaii Kai Dance Ministry

Mahalo to Lani (Fundraising Coordinator) for your sincere kindness and efficient planning for this successful fundraising event!!!

We wish only good times and great memories for the members of the 

Na Mea Hula Ho'onani Ke Akua

New Hope Hawaii Kai Dance Ministry!!!  


Makaha Alii's Football Association  

Mahalo to Thelma (Fundraising Coordinator) for  allowing us to work with the 

Makaha Alii's Football Association!!!

Thank you Thelma for coordinating not only Kala Kokua, LLC's Smoked Turkey Drumstick event, but the Portuguese Sausage fundraiser to help the players and parents raise the much appreciated funds!!!

Koa Kai Canoe Club Keiki Fundraiser

Mahalo to Aloha (Fundraising Coordinator-pictured right) for selecting Kala Kokua, LLC Smoked Turkey Drumstick fundraising program!!! Thank you to the parents, families and good friends for your support of the Koa Kai Canoe Club's Keiki Paddlers.

Special thanks go out to Ke-von, Khyme, Sha-von and Paka for setting up our fundraising pick up location. We are looking forward to next year's season!!!

Kapolei High School Band

Mahalo to Mr. Agena (Kapolei High School Band Director) and the Parents and Band Members for  working together to make this fundraising event a huge success!!!

Who said that fundraising is no fun? After seeing your set-up and hearing your awesome music system ~ your event definitely had FUN in the air!!!

Kaiser High School Women's Volleyball

Mahalo to the Coaches, Parents and Players of the 

Kaiser High School Women's Volleyball Team!!!

Have a safe and successful season!!

Ma'ema'e Elementary School Fundraiser

Mahalo to Laurence (Fundraising Chairman) , Brendan (Vice Principal) ,

Carol (PTSA President), Parents  and the Ma'ema'e Teachers and Students for making this another successful fundraising event!!!

We always look forward to working with the Parents of the Ma'ema'e student's as they are sincerely happy and so organized!!!

First Insurance Company of Hawaii, LTD ~ AUW Fundraiser

Mahalo to Stacey, Miles and Stason (Fundraising Committee) and the employees, family and friends of First Insurance Company of Hawaii, LTD

 Thank you Stason for trying our Portuguese Bean Soup recipe!!!

"taste just like ham hocks"

Waialua High School Project Grad & Football Team

Mahalo to Lisa (Fundraising Chairperson), parents and the Seniors of the Class of 2008!!!

 Thank you to Coach Lincoln and Coach Walter, parents and players of the 

Waialua High School Football Team!!!

Thanks Coach Lincoln for bringing back "great memories" of the 

1978 ~ Kalani vs. Waialua football game!!!

Safe Community of Maui, Inc ~ (2007 Maui County Fair)

"Assisting with Roadway and Highway Safety"

Pictures coming soon!!

Highlands Intermediate School ~ 8th Grade Spring Tour

Mahalo to Darryl (Fundraising Chairman) and the family and 8th grade students of 

Highlands Intermediate School!!!

 Special thanks to Leisha, David, Amy , Shirly, Aron, Celina and Kristy for helping with the early morning set-up!!!

Please have a safe, fun and great learning experience in Florida!!!

Ka'oi Cyclones Soccer Club

Mahalo to Kristin & Erma (Fundraising Committee) and the players of the 

Ka'oi Cyclones Soccer Club!!!

Thank you to Kalen, Rowen and Royce for being great salesmen!!!

Good luck in the Las Vegas Coaches Classic Tournament!!

Nu'u O Samoa Ei Hawaii/USA

Mahalo to Onte (Fundraising Chairman) and the members of the  

Nu'u O Samoa Ei Hawaii/USA!!!

Thank you Moana Hampton and Ma'opu O Nafanua for the beautiful leis 

and for the laughter that made it a great way to start our day!!!

Punahou School Symphony Fundraiser

Mahalo to Paulette (pictured top right) & Susan (Fundraising Committee), Students and the many supportive parents of the Punahou School Symphony!!!

Congratulations on a very successful Drumsticks and Car Wash fundraising event!!!

Ewa Saints ~ Mighty Mights Pop Warner Team

Mahalo to Debbie (Fundraising Chairperson) and the players, parents and supporters of the Ewa Saints Mighty Mights Pop Warner Team.  

Thank you Bronson and Dasea for helping with this event!!!

Congratulations on your winning season and we wish all of you continued success in the Las Vegas Bowl Game!!!

Moanalua Elementary ~ PTA Family Fair

Mahalo to  Aunty Sandra , Uncle Robert and Uncle Wendell and the many parents, students and faculty members that has made the Moanalua Elementary PTA Family Fair a success!!

Thank you to all of the many volunteers for your hard work and we could have not done it without all of you!!!

Saint Francis Girls Basketball Teams

Mahalo to Coach John and Coach Paul and the players and parents of the 

Saint Francis Girls Basketball Teams !!!

Good luck on a successful 2008 ILH Girls Basketball season!!!

Highland Colts Football & Cheer Association

Mahalo to Leah (Fundraising Chairperson), Holley (President), Aunty Tee (Cheerleaders) and the players, cheerleaders, parents and loyal supporters of the 

Highland Colts Football and Cheer Teams.  

Congratulations on your successful season and good luck at the 

"2007 Orange County Empire Turkey Bowl Game"

Kapolei High School Business Academy

Mahalo to Mrs. Ifuku (Business Academy Instructor) and the Business Academy Students for your hard work and sincere customer service!!! 

Mrs. Ifuku ~ Please continue your sincere efforts and genuine rapport with your students as they develop into our future entrepreneurs!!!

Please call us any time and we will be there to support you and the 

"Kapolei High School's Business Academy"

Moanalua High School ~ Winter Craft Fair

Mahalo to Pat (Fundraising Coordinator) and the 

Moanalua High School Class of 2008 ~ Project Grad United!!! 

Please have a safe & fun senior year and just 5 more months to graduation!!!

Onipa'a Volleyball Academy

Mahalo to Coach George & Aunty Nettie (OVA Directors) and the parents, players of Onipa'a Volleyball Academy!!!

Special thanks to Coach Devri, Coach Jamie, Tihani and Grandma Ehia for your help!!!

Good luck at Haili, Volleyball Festival Reno, NV and the 

2008 USA Junior Olympic Boys' Volleyball Championships at Utah!!!

ONIPA'A Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization established in November 1994 by the Ehia Ohana, to provide a competitive program committed to building positive character and fundamental skills for the player athlete. Through commitment, self-discipline and many hours of hard work,.

ONIPA'A strives to:

Develop the spirit of good sportsmanship through a competitive setting, Enhance self-image, Build confidence, Develop each individuals mental and physical potential to the fullest, Promote having FUN!

For more information please visit http://onipaavbc.net

Simply F.I.T. Volleyball Club

Thank you to Simply F.I.T. Volleyball Club Director Jeff , parents and players for your efforts in fundraising for your upcoming season!!!

Simply Faith In-Training means, we have to have train our Faith in ourselves, in others, and in God to accomplish anything in life.

Faith is what it's going to take in believing in yourself to make some changes. Some of us don't make changes until it's harder to stay the same, than to make the change

Please continue your support for the Simply F.I.T. Volleyball Club!!!!

For more information please visit http://get.simplyfit4life.org/


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