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Kala Kokua makes fundraising easy and that’s how it should be.  With our local staple products, your school and students will be on their way to raising more funds with less hassle. Increase your organizations cash flow with Kala Kokua fundraising today. 

our founders

Rod and Yukio have fundraised for their children for many years. They have raised funds for school and youth sports team travel for National tournaments.
Rod and Yukio have also served as Team Parents, Chaperones and participated on many fundraising committees for their children’s school programs. They both have gained valuable knowledge and experience raising funds and coordinating fundraising events

As they identified the many challenges of fundraising programs, they started Kala Kokua Fundraising in 2005 to provide solutions to make fundraising easier for the schools, teams and organizations. The goal for Kala Kokua is to provide sincere and consistent customer service and quality USDA products to raise the most amount of funds, with the least amount of work.

Kala Kokua works closely with each event to ensure the organization is confident from the start to the finish.

Our Vision

Working Together To Make Dreams Come True

For over 15 years, we have partnered with schools and local organizations to help meet their goals by providing popular quality products that are easy to fundraise with and a platform that makes it easy for parents to purchase on.

As parents who have spent many years fundraising for our own children we understand the importance of helping you achieve your financial goals. Whether that is a field trip, extra curriculum activities or uniforms we are in it to help our children succeed. 

We provide quality products that you can find in most household refrigerators! Our popular brands make it easy to raise funds. 



What People Are Saying

“I have personally worked with Rod Suzumoto and the entire Kala Kokua Fundraising Ohana for many years and we have always gotten great success with their products…”

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Bobby B

“Our small elementary school of 540 students have fundraised with Kala Kokua Fundraising for 4 years now. Each year, we’ve raised over $14,000 with Kala Kokua Fundraising…”

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Jennifer N.

“Every single product is dynamite. You can’t go wrong with any of Kala Kokua’s products. I’ve tried all sorts of fundraisers, including chili, chicken, fried rice…”

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Tim C

“Working with Rod and his crew at Kala Kokua over the past few years has allowed our Halau, Halau Na Mamo O Pu’uanahulu, Na Kumu Hula Sonny Ching and Lopaka Igarta Devera…”

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Greg N.