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Fundraiser Products
No minimums, No deposits, Free delivery (Oahu only)

The new prices will be effective from January 1, 2023

 12oz Smoked Meat, 12oz Smoked Chicken, 8oz Pupu Pack, 2pk-10oz Jumbo Arabiki Sausage, 2pk-9oz Portuguese Sausage, 12oz Smoked Dinner Bacon & 20oz Taro Pancake Mix

Sell for $12.00 your profit is $4.00

2pk-20oz Pork Lau Lau & 13.5oz Pau Hana Pack 

Sell for $13.00 your profit is $4.00 Kala Kokua recommends selling a maximum of 1-2 products per event.

Hawaii State GET of .5% tax to be added to the product sold invoice amount.

All Kala Kokua Products are USDA Approved.  

2pk-10oz/Stick Jumbo Arabiki Sausage

Redondo’s, Coarse Ground Sausage made with Pork

2pk-9oz/Stick Portuguese Sausage

Redondo’s, Coarse Ground Sausage made with Pork

16oz Chicken Portuguese Sausage

Ono Ono Brand, Coarse Ground Sausage made with Chicken

12oz Kalua Pork

Cooked Seasoned Shredded Pork

8oz Pupu Pack

Redondo’s, Pipikaula Cured Beef and Arabiki Pork Sausages

12oz Smoked Chicken

Ono Ono Brand, Boneless, Skinless

12oz Smoked Dinner Bacon

Redondo’s Brand Sliced, Fully Cooked Pork, Smoked Flavor Added

20oz Taro Pancake Mix

Taro Brand, Makes 20-25 Pancakes, Dry Product

12oz Smoked Meat

Ono Ono Brand, Flamed Broiled Pork

2pk-20oz Pork Lau Lau

Keoki’s Brand, Contains fish

13.5oz Pau Hana Pack

Ono Ono Brand, Mini Pork Lau Lau – Contains fish and Kalua Pork

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kala Kokua name translated in English?
  • Kala – Money, Kokua – help, assist
How long has Kala Kokua been in business?
  • Kala Kokua has been a registered business with the State of Hawaii, since November 2005. Many have not heard of Kala Kokua Fundraising, since we have used our “word of mouth” advertising to ensure we can provide quality service for our events.
Is there a minimum order and is a deposit required?
  • We have no minimum orders or require a deposit for orders on Oahu.
Kala Kokua - Hawaii Tax
  • For purchases on our Kala Kokua’s Online fundraising events, Hawaii tax will be charged for online orders.
  • The Hawaii’s General Excise tax of .5% will be included for online and pre-sale invoices for products sold.
  • Organizations are required to follow the Hawaii tax requirements for their fundraising events.
What are your most popular products?
  • Our Smoked Meat, Pupu Packs, Kalua Pork and Taro Pancakes (Pescetarian) are very popular products. We also recommend selling combinations, Smoked Meat and Chicken, Kalua Pork and Pork Lau Lau, Taro Pancake and Portuguese or JUMBO Arabiki Sausages, Pau Hana Pack and Pupu Pack.
Can we sell all of your products for our event?
  • We do not recommend selling more than (4) Kala Kokua products for an event. Most supporters will purchase (2) products (1 of each product sold). We recommend selling 1 to 2 products to get the 250+ of each product sold incentive profit.
Can we print our own tickets or pre-sale order forms?
  • You can print your own tickets and pre-sale order forms and we would like to request a copy of the tickets or pre-sale order form in the event we get calls for information on your fundraising event.
How soon can we start selling?
  • Once we have confirmed your Kala Kokua’s fundraising event information and you have confirmed your Kala Kokua’s pre-sale order form, you can start your event.
How many weeks should we sell before our event date?
  • A minimum of 4 weeks for your Kala Kokua fundraising event should be planned to give your members ample time to sell and time to collect your member’s orders and payments. We will need your “estimated” order 10 days before your event date. You can add to your order if needed up until the day of your event.
What is our profit?
  • Please review our current Kala Kokua fundraising program for profits. We will need to add the State of Hawaii’s .5% General excise tax for your order.
Can we sell the products for more than your listed price?
  • We do not allow to change our Kala Kokua sell price to ensure we keep our fundraising program consistent.
Are your products MSG and Nitrates free?
  • Our Smoked Meat, Smoked Chicken, Pau Hana Pack, Kalua Pork and Pork Lau Lau have no MSG or Nitrates. Other products have MSG and Nitrates.
Do you provide refrigerated truck?
  • Kala Kokua will be able to provide a refrigerated truck for orders of 2,500+ products sold for the duration of the event.
  • For orders under 2,500 products sold, Kala Kokua will be able to provide a refrigerated truck for $400.00 (upon availability of refrigerated trucks) for the duration of the event.
Do you provide plastic bags
  • No, we are not allowed to provide non-compliant plastic bags. Due to the City & County of Honolulu’s Revised Ordinance of Honolulu (ROH), Sections 9-9-1 through 9-9.4 regulate the use of plastic bags on Oahu, effective July 1, 2015. Businesses are prohibited from providing non-compliance bags to their customers at the point of sale for the purpose of transporting groceries or other merchandise.
Do we need to bring coolers for the pick-up day?
  • We recommend your event time to be not more than 3 hours, since our Kala Kokua fully cooked and frozen products will remain cold when stored in a cool, shaded area. Cooler can be provided if your event is longer than 3 hours. We recommend portable tents for your events to provide shade for your volunteers and the products.
Should we order extra products for our fundraising event?
  • We do not recommend ordering extra products for your event, since there may be extra products that are not picked up on the day of the event. We do not want you to order products that may not be needed that will reduce your profits. We can deliver additional products if needed.
How do you prepare or cook your Kala Kokua products?
  • Defrost our frozen products and you can heat the products in a pan, oven, and microwave oven. Our Taro Pancake is a dry product and requires water and cooking on a heated pan or griddle.
Do you need to cook the Kala Kokua products?
  • All of our products are fully cooked and just require heating. Our Taro Pancake is a dry product and requires water and cooking on a heated pan or griddle.
What is the shelf life of the Kala Kokua products?
  • All of our Kala Kokua products are USDA approved by the companies as requested by the State of Hawaii, Department of Health. Our Kala Kokua products have a shelf life of one year when kept frozen.
Are your products Gluten free?
  • Our Taro Pancake is not gluten free.
Do you ship to the outer islands?
  • We ship our orders via Young Brothers and depending the size if your order will determine the cost for the shipping.
Do you ship to the mainland?
  • We can ship to the mainland, but the 2 day air freight via Fed Ex/UPS/USPS is very costly when shipping to the mainland USA.
How much do you sell your products for non-fundraising events?
  • We do not sell our products for non-fundraising events and we will recommend buying products from one of our Kala Kokua fundraising events to support their event. If you have participated in a Kala Kokua fundraising event, please call us to see how we can assist you.

Kala Kokua Product Information

Smoked Meat , 12oz

Ono Ono Brand, Flamed Broiled Pork, Frozen.

Arabiki “JUMBO” Sausages, 2pk-9oz/stick

Redondo’s, Coarse Ground Sausage made with Pork, Frozen.

Pork Lau Lau, 2pk-20oz

Keoki’s Brand, Contains fish, Frozen.

Smoked Chicken, 12oz

Ono Ono Brand, Boneless, Skinless, Frozen.

Portuguese “Mild” Sausages, 2pk-10oz/stick

Redondo’s, Fully cooked, Frozen.

Pau Hana Pack, 13.5oz

Ono Ono Brand, Mini Pork Lau Lau, Kalua Pork, Frozen.

Pupu Pack, 8oz

Redondo’s, Pipikaula Cured Beef, Arabiki Pork Sausages, Frozen.

Taro Pancake Mix, 20oz

Taro Brand, 20-25 pancakes, Dry Product
Kala Kokua, LLC recommends selling a maximum of (1-2) products per event to reach 250+ of “each” product sold profit (Profit incentive is not for total of different products sold).

(All Kala Kokua Products are USDA Approved)

All Kala Kokua Fundraising must be coordinated through an Authorized Fundraising Service Manager in advance to approve Kala Kokua Fundraising Events, so we can validate by posting in our current events page on our website. Products and product sizes and pricing are subject to change without notice. Please contact Kala Kokua for current products, product specifications and pricing.