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Beyond the Field – Fundraising for Sports

The cost of travel, equipment, uniforms, and other team expenses can be overwhelming but the proper fundraisers can do more than just raise money for your team. Outside of raising money, a fundraiser can boost players' confidence and promote a sense of responsibility...

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5 Tips for a Successful Fundraiser!

Think ahead and start early: The earlier you start, the more money you can raise! Start planning your fall fundraiser in the summer and your spring fundraiser right after the New Year. Set clear goals: What are you raising money for, and how much do you need? Clear...

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The Value of School Fundraisers

Although they often do, schools should not underestimate the value of fundraising. Fundraising can help schools offer scholarships and new programs, maintain academic excellence, and complete major projects. Having a well-planned and well-executed fundraising strategy...

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